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Elephant Sees Her Caregiver Being Attacked, Rushes To The Rescue In Incredible Video Footage

By - 4th July 2018

“An elephant never forgets” is a phrase we grew up knowing. There seems to be a lot of evidence for it as well, in fact, an elephant would struggle to forget a face. Because of this, they’re likely to come to the rescue of a friend in need.

These majestic creatures are known for their compassion and empathy towards others. Which is why they can’t sit back and watch when they see another elephant or animal in peril.

Like humans, elephants experience joy, grief and a whole array of emotions. Based on their facial expressions and body language, it’s not too difficult to see how an elephant is feeling.

Thongsri the elephant doesn’t want to see anybody suffer

Thongsri the elephant
Thongsri the elephant hurdles towards her caretaker to protect him and check to see if he’s okay. Elephants are quite protective creatures and they wouldn’t want to see somebody they care about being in danger. 

17-year-old Thongsri the elephant lives in a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thongsri has been well looked after by the team at the sanctuary and she’d do anything to help them out.

In a video that’s gone viral, her caretakers are pretending to fight to show how much Thongsri cares about her carers. Immediately, the 17-year-old elephant charges into battle to rescue her caretaker and shoo away any potential threats.

The elephant looked so concerned about her caretaker’s wellbeing that she circled him protectively to check if everything was alright.

I don’t know about you, but Thongsri the elephant shows some truly endearing qualities that we could all learn from.

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