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Mom Loses Ability To Walk In Line Of Duty, 1 Yr Later Makes Difficult Decision That Changes Everything

By - 15th June 2018

Have you ever set yourself a target that you’ve struggled to achieve? Of course, you have, we all have. The number of new year’s resolutions I have flopped on is quite worrying. ‘This Time Next Year’ is a phrase you tell yourself over and over again.

But there’s one television show in the United Kingdom that wants to see if people can honour their goals. ‘This Time Next Year‘ is a show that sets people a challenge of setting a goal and seeing if they can achieve it within 52 weeks.

Some people go on the show wanting to lose a large amount of weight. Others want to find a long-lost family member, some want to run a marathon and others just want to rehabilitate themselves.

This Time Next Year, Lisa wants to learn to walk on a prosthetic

This Time Next Year

In this clip, Lisa wants to learn to walk again with a prosthetic leg. A bold journey as she’s got to go through a lot of stages to achieve it. But what makes this a truly heartbreaking challenge is that she still has 2 legs. Lisa is wanting to have one leg that doesn’t work amputated in order to have a prosthetic fitted and regain the ability to walk.

Lisa serves in the armed forces as a medic and during an assault course training exercise, she injured herself on a bad landing. Her right leg healed over time while her left leg deteriorated.

In April of last year, Lisa was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). A rare condition that left her with terrible pains in her leg and an inability to move it.

Lisa hopes that in 1 year she will have had her leg amputated and a prosthetic added so she can hold hands with her children and walk with them to school again.

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