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These 20 Wholesome Acts Of Human Kindness Will Fill Your Heart With Happiness

By - 22nd November 2018

It seems that America is torn every time you switch on the news. All we seem to be hearing about is devastation, destruction, political dramas and crime. Now, a lot of people are starting to believe that this is America, but it’s not all bad. In fact, there are a lot of truly awesome people out there who don’t get praised enough.

“Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others.” – John F. Kennedy

We need to remember that there are a lot of good people who do truly amazing things. If you’re going to picture the United States for anything then these heroes are what it’s all about.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the greatest and kindest Americans to show that this is America in its truest form…

If this is America, what a place to be! So let’s have a gander at the list below.

1. A man was taken to hospital but his family lives out of the state, so his Uber driver, Beni, has been keeping him company.

This Is America

2. A police officer talked a man out of committing suicide. 8 years later, the man is now a father of two and he got to present an award to the officer at the American Foundation of Suicide.

3. An elderly lady asked a young man to walk her home because she was scared of falling on the ice. This was a few months ago – the two are now firm friends and he walks her home almost every day.

4. A man needed help understanding his son’s math homework – thankfully, he was sat next to a math teacher.

“So today on my way from work the guy in the red sat down opened up his folder and started reading. A few stops later the guy next to him sat down and asked him what he’s studying: “You look a little confused maybe I can help?”. He says his son failed a math test: “They’re learning fractions so I’m just teaching myself this over again so I can help him I’m 42 & don’t know any of this so I’m re-teaching myself.” The guy in the black informed him he use to be a math teacher so he asked the guy to quiz him and everything he got wrong or was confused about he broke it down and corrected him. By the end of my train ride, the guy in the red had a better understanding. He can bring home a new method and teach his child. I really love seeing things like this, especially in New York.”

5. 15-year-old Anthony Borges used his body to barricade a classroom door to protect 20 other students inside. The gunman fired through the door, hitting him 5 times.

6. These boys see the same homeless man every day on their way to school so they decided to help him out.

7. A 22-year-old man from Harlem became friends with an 81-year-old lady who he met playing ‘Words With Friends’ over the past year. Eventually, he decided to travel to Florida to meet her in person for the first time.

8. Pararescueman Sgt. Mike Maroney was reunited with a girl whose life he saved 10 years ago during Hurricane Katrina.

9. One gym-goer noticed this man helping an employee with calculus everytime he went to the gym.

10. 15 years ago, this lady took in a young man. He now calls her Grandma and spends every Christmas with her.

“I grew up in a kid’s home (orphanage) after losing my parents. She was my key worker there as well as my carer. When I was too old to live there and had to move out. She was retiring at the time after 40 years as a carer and said that she couldn’t stand to lose me, which kinda works out great because I love her and I couldn’t stand to lose her either.”

11. The countless volunteers who helped the flood victims evacuate Houston.

12. This very cool professor…

“A girl in my geography class had to bring her newborn to class today. The baby started crying in the middle of our quiz. When she took him out to hold him, my professor insisted that he wouldn’t mind feeding the baby and rocking his car seat until she was done. This is my so so awesome, sweet professor, on his knees.”

13. A kind-hearted police officer who kept this elderly man company at the bus stop and helped him onto the vehicle.

14.  This waiter who helped feed a disabled lady so her husband could finish his meal.

15. These very cool cops…

“Yesterday My Daughter Wanted To Open A Lemonade Stand… On A Wednesday… When It Was 72 Degrees Out. Business Was Slow Until These Two Decided To Stop. They Made Her Day!”

16. A patriotic baseball fan holds an umbrella over a JROTC member on Memorial Day.

17. A local group helps the elderly, disabled people and single parent mothers by cutting their lawns for free.

18. An elderly man was struggling at a Waffle House in La Marque, Texas. The man told the waitress that he was struggling with his hands. He was also on oxygen and struggling to breathe. Without a moment’s hesitation, she began to cut up his dinner for him.

19. ‘100 Suits’ is a nonprofit organization that gives new suits to men getting out of prison in the hopes of giving them a fresh start.

20. This man needed a kidney transplant. A classmate from 50 years ago who he barely knew, answered the call to help him out.

this is America

Don’t be fooled by the negativity in the world, this is America. Furthermore, it’s kindness, compassion, and friendliness. In fact, it’s what makes America great.

How incredible are these people? If you’re ever wondering what defines the United States, this is America! Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. ?