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Thieves Steal New Puppy From Family’s Home During Robbery, But Then They Discover Her Big Secret

By - 5th January 2018

When thieves break into a home they are generally looking for precious goods such as money, jewellery and electronic devices. But when the Hood-Sardi family’s house was broken into the thieves stole something altogether much more precious, leaving them devastated.

Only a week previously the family had adopted a gorgeous Labrador retriever puppy, named Sasha, and they had quickly bonded with her. Their four-year-old daughter Maia especially loved the young puppy.

But unfortunately the thieves had thought that little Sasha was just as good to steal as the family’s expensive goods. When the family returned from a doctors appointment, they were horrified to discover that their precious puppy was gone.

It’s been tough; my daughter has had nightmares the first night.

While the heartless thieves probably didn’t think much to stealing a defenceless puppy, they also didn’t think about the possibility of being caught. Little did they know that tiny Sasha was fitted with a microchip.

A news source placed an ad asking for anyone with information on Sasha to come forward. They also slipped in the fact that she is microchipped, so if whoever stole her wanted to get away with the stolen goods, they should return her before they eventually got tracked her down. Not to mention, Sasha had a medical condition that required constant monitoring.

Well it seems that the thieves grew a conscience overnight (or perhaps they started to quake in their boots), as in the still of night, they dropped Sasha back into the family’s backyard.

In the morning, Mrs Hood-Sardi was walking past the sliding doors to the garden with her morning coffee, when she saw movement by the kennel. The family couldn’t have been more happy to have Sasha back home, safe and sound, where she belongs.

We think that whoever took her either has a conscience or got scared and just dropped her over the fence. We don’t care to be honest, we’re just glad to have her back.

The burglary is still under investigation, but for now the family are just relieved that they are all safe. You can replace material objects but you can’t replace family members.

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