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These Service Dogs In Training Spent The Day At Disneyland And It Was The Cutest Sight To Behold

By - 6th April 2018

Where do you take a group of adorable service dogs in training? Well, last week a group of gorgeous dogs were taken on a field trip that would make most people jealous. Here are the service dogs that went to Disneyland!

The dogs in question are members of Canine Companions for Independence, a California-based nonprofit organisation that trains service animals. The organisation then places them with people who require their special help.

As we speak, the pups are still in training under the guidance of their caretakers, but it’s not all hard work.

To help improve their socialisation skills, the group paid a visit to Disneyland on Thursday. This work is vital for training them up for busy and unfamiliar territories and to help them climatise with large groups of people.

“Disneyland is the perfect place to socialize our puppies to crowds, loud noises, different sights and smells, and different kinds of people,” — Kendra Clark, one of the trip organisers.

They got up to a lot of adventures while roaming the theme park, “The pups absolutely loved walking around the park,” said Kendra. “They posed in photos with their Mickey ears and ate up all the attention they drew from the crowds.”

The dogs got to enjoy some of the rides and even make share some encounters with some of Disneyland’s most famous faces.

“Seeing how happy they got when they met the characters sure was a treat! The characters were almost as excited as the dogs were to say hello!”

By the looks of the photos, it seems the dogs had an incredible time on their trip to Disneyland. And I’m certain the guests had great fun meeting the pups also.

Nicole Brown was a visitor at the park that day and she was thrilled to see these future service dogs out having fun.

“I have always been a dog person, specifically Labs and golden retrievers. But to see them at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse ears was the cutest thing,” Brown told The Dodo. “You could tell they were so happy to be there. They were loving all of the attention they were getting from both tourists and the Disney characters.”

service dogs that went to Disneyland

Nicole tweeted about her encounter with Disneyland’s new furry friends and as you can imagine, the post went viral.

The trip was most certainly a success. “As puppy raisers, part of our job is educating the public about service dogs and Canine Companions’ mission,” said Kendra.

“So it was really wonderful that the crowds were not only incredibly interested in our service pups in training, but also so respectful of the fact that they were working.”

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