Return to top These 20 Times When Strangers Had Each Other’s Backs Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

These 20 Times When Strangers Had Each Other’s Backs Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

By - 4th October 2018

A few good deeds really can make the biggest difference to somebody’s life. These random acts of kindness are something we don’t hear enough about in the news which is a shame. So, in true Happiest fashion, we want to share with you some of our favorite little good deeds we’ve seen on the internet.

As you all know, we love sharing stories of positivity and happiness, so here we’d like to show you some examples of humans being utterly awesome!

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that, even with all the sad things going on in the world, there are a lot of kind-hearted people who like to try and make somebody else’s day a little bit easier.

Check out our top 20 good deeds from kind-hearted humans below

And please let us know which ones resonated with you the most in the comment section below.

1. This couple who thoroughly enjoys the music

2. This kind-hearted customer who got ‘roped’ into a sale

3. This old man who wants the youth to succeed. When he saw a young man trying to tie his tie for an interview, the old man gladly obliged while his wife stood guard to save the young man embarrassment.

4. A man was about to buy the last generator at Lowe’s during Hurricane Irma. He decided to give it to this lady who needed it to power her father’s oxygen supply.

5. “I’m from Kenya…”

6. This busker who wants to help the homeless with his music

“If you’re homeless or need help, take as much as you need from the case (I just like to play) #HopefulCases”

7. When the pregnancy cravings start to take over

8. A kind-hearted motorist who just wanted to pay it forward

9. “Friends, meet Beverly.”

10. Yes or No?

good deeds

11. A couple were struggling with their crying twin babies in a restaurant. Then an anonymous customer picked up their tab and sent them a note…

“Just breathe, you’re doing great”

12. This kind-hearted Starbucks employee who wants only the best for the homeless…

13. This man spotted an old guy standing alone by the chessboard hoping somebody would play with him. So he decided to join in

14. This young man spotted an elderly gentleman who was worried about falling on the escalator. Without hesitation, the guy grabbed the man’s arm and helped him down.

15. This person who allowed a woman to grieve

16. This neighbour who helped out a struggling schoolboy

17. This person who spotted an open car window in the rain

18.  And this person who donated an umbrella to an open sunroof

19. This generous Redbox user who offered to buy snacks for the next person

20. Thank you to these Romanian neighbours

How beautiful were these good deeds? Which ones made you smile the most? If you have your own stories, we’d love to hear about them! At Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. ?