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These 15 Adorable Photos Prove Exactly Why Every Kid Should Have A Dog

By - 3rd April 2018

They don’t call dogs ‘Man’s Best Friend’ for nothing, the interspecies bond between a dog and a human is truly special. Dogs are some of the most loyal and loving creatures on the face of the Earth which is why humans love them so much.

Their compassionate tendencies make them the perfect pet and a great friend to help cheer you up when you’re down.

In fact, there are many benefits of letting your kids grow up with a canine companion. Children brought up in an animal-friendly household tend to have higher self-esteem, reduced stress a more positive attitude and they can even be healthier!

But if you’re a little sceptical of the idea, maybe these photos will help change your mind.

1. When this little boy goes to leave the house, the dog sits on him so he can’t leave

2. When you and your best friend start becoming the same person

3. They’re great for helping you exercise

4. Their bond will last for years

5. This dog was feeling a little down because of the cone, luckily, this little boy was ready to cheer him up

6. You can never have too many hugs

7. These two take it in turns to warm their butts on the floor heater

8. Everybody needs a cuddle buddy

9. “We’re not so different, you and I”

10. Dogs make a perfect seat

11. Whenever this little baby cries, the dog is right there to keep them calm.

12. This little girl’s face says it all

13. Sometimes love can get you at a bad time, but that doesn’t mean you’re not greatful

14. This dog makes the best bed

15. But with double the love comes double the trouble!

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