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Teen Discovers He’s Been A Missing Person For 13 Years

By - 12th May 2019

There’s nothing worse than losing a child. However, most mothers never give up. Julian Hernandez’s father took him when he was five years old, leaving a note behind for his mother. Julian’s mother immediately registered him as a missing person and didn’t give up hope. After 13 years, her dreams have come true.

Julian’s father changed both their names when he escaped to Ohio with his abducted child. They hid in plain sight, and had a happy life, although Julian sometimes wished for a mother.

missing person

His real mother was back in Alabama and followed every tip she received. But, none of them came to anything.

That is until Julian Hernandez was filling out a college application. He noticed that his social security number didn’t match his name, and started to ask questions.

Slowly, the truth came to light. Julian contacted a school counsellor about the apparent mix-up, who realised that Julian was really… well, Julian. He had been listed as a missing person by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for 13 years.

missing person

His own father, who he lived with still, had abducted him.

His mother was overjoyed to hear that he was alive and well, but there is a heartwarming twist to the tale.

Julian asked the judge to spare his father and abductor (pictured below) prison time because he forgave him. He said that growing up without a mother was painful, “but taking him away from me is doing the same thing all over again.”

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Julian has had a sad life but forgives his father for everything, which must have been so hard to do. Hopefully, he can get along with both his parents now, even if they likely won’t see each other after what happened.

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