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Teen Saves Up To Buy Best Friend New Wheelchair

By - 7th March 2019

There is so much hatred in the world that it is always reassuring when you hear about something to restore your faith in humanity. Tanner Wilson is someone who will do just that.

Tanner’s best friend is Brandon Qualls, and they go to high school together at Caddo Hills High School in Norman, Arkansas. Brandon uses a wheelchair every day due to his disability, but his manual chair would leave him aching and tired after and between classes, which might affect his performance.

Tanner knew of his friend’s struggles and started saving up the money he earned from his part-time job with the intention of buying his friend a brand new chair.

Student buys friend wheelchair

2 years later, he had saved enough and presented Brandon with the electric set of wheels at school. Brandon was overcome with emotion at the gesture, saying “They came in and my face just blew up… crying everywhere. [I was] just like, ‘Wow, can’t believe he did that for me!'”

Tanner has remained humble throughout the journey, and the subsequent media attention, simply saying that Brandon had been a “really good friend” who deserved some help.

What’s more, Ms Wray, a teacher at the school, heard about Tanner’s secret plan and provided Brandon with some orange flame stickers to spice up his ride. She made the flames herself at home and hoped they’ll make Brandon’s new wheels even cooler.

Student buys friend wheelchair

Now, Brandon can zoom about the hallways with ease, and doesn’t need to take rests between classes. His electric chair is equipped with buttons and a motor, so his arms aren’t the only thing he uses to propel himself. But more than that, he knows he has a best friend for life in Tanner. Do you know anyone who has been as selfless as this to help a friend? Let us know in the comments!