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Teen Creates Car Tag To Save Children From Dying In Hot Cars

By - 14th June 2019

Many people want to change the world. We all do, kind of. In our own way, at least. But we often don’t realise that to do this, we can start with small changes. Or local changes. That’s what teen Hannah Rhudy has done. She created this innovative car tag after four-month-old twins died after being accidentally left inside a hot car in Chesterfield, Virginia.

About the tragic incident, the New York Times offered advice for parents:

“Dozens of children die of heatstroke each year in cars whose temperatures, even on relatively mild days, can quickly soar past 100 degrees. Many of those children were left behind by a distracted caregiver. …

“Safety advocates have tried to educate caregivers through appearances on television shows, advertising campaigns, literature, and more. Some efforts have included tips, such as putting one’s briefcase or purse next to the child, in hopes of helping caregivers remember the child in back.”

teen invents car tags to save lives

But Hannah wanted to take things a step further, so she began developing this car tag. The 14-year-old came up with the simple idea to help parents remember their kids.

The tag is very simple, but brightly colored and easy to remember. Hopefully it will save some baby lives.

teen invents car tags to save lives

Hannah hopes that her innovative car tag will save even one life. Then, it will be a success. We wish her project all teh best, and acknowledge that she is changing the scene in her home town of Chesterfield. Maybe one day she’ll change the world. Or at least some babies’ lives.

The teenager wants to go into childcare or nursery teaching when she gets older, and she has already set a precedent for showing she cares. Our future generations will be safe in her hands.

teen invents car tags to save lives

What do you think about her lifesaving initiative? Let us know in the comments, and share with your friends and family. You can check out similar stories on Happiest, such as this one about a kind mailman going above and beyond.