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Boy Makes Final Request To Doctor Before He’s Put To Sleep, But Parents Discover The Truth After Surgery

By - 18th October 2018

Seeing a child in a hospital is truly a harrowing sight. Watching them grow up while under medical care is a tough way to go, they can miss out on the chances to play outside and make friends.

Eight-year-old Jackson McKie has spent a long period of his short life in the hospital so far. When he was young, a cyst was detected on Jackson’s brain. Jackson was born with chronic hydrocephalus which means there is an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within his brain.

Sadly, Jackson has been in and out of the hospital more than most people will in their lifetimes. He’s spent a lot of time growing up in the hospital which is a difficult situation to be in at a young age.

However, he’s had his trusted sidekick by his side to help him get through. Jackson’s mom and dad always made sure he was safe and well, but another little helper has been keeping him calm – his teddy bear called “Little Baby”.

Jackson is very thankful as he’s been blessed with some truly amazing and caring doctors. One of them has always been there to put Jackson’s mind at ease. Daniel McNeely has been fighting Jackson’s corner since day one.

In Jackson’s latest operation, he had one special request for his surgeon. Daniel nodded politely then told the nurses to prepare a small operating table to go next to Jackson.

teddy bear surgeon

Before being put to sleep, Jackson had asked Doctor McNeely if he could operate on Little Baby as well. Without any hesitation, the doctor said yes and accepted the task.

Daniel performed his operation on Jackson, but when he had finished he decided there was some time do some extra work – he became a teddy bear surgeon.

Jackson’s father was incredibly moved by Daniel McNeely’s actions and kindness towards his son (and Little Baby). It goes to show that Daniel is an incredible neurosurgeon as well as an awesome human being.

He’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

When Jackson awoke from his surgery, he was thrilled when he saw Little Baby had been patched up in the same way he had. It was Daniel’s first surgery on a teddy bear, but it looks like he did a great job.

Patient asks if I can also fix teddy bear just before being put off to sleep… how could I say no? I thought it might make a few people smile, that was the only intention I had. I’m glad that others are enjoying it.

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