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They Take To The Stage And He Grabs Her Hand, But No One Was Prepared For Their Next Move

By - 6th December 2017

If anyone didn’t think that dancing was a sport before now, you’re about to be proved wrong. When dance duo MainTenanT took to the stage to perform this exquisite routine, they set a new bar for dance ability. 

On a dark stage, a man and a woman dressed all in white walk towards each other. As he slowly reaches for her hand and the soft trill of a piano comes in, it seems like the audience are in for a romantic partner dance. What they get instead is a passionate, acrobatic extravaganza of a dance routine that left the audience mesmerised.

Nicolas Besnard and Shenea Booth make up the dance duo, MainTenanT, and they have taken Europe by storm with their incredible routines. Nicolas is a professional dancer and  Shenea, unsurprisingly, is a world-champion acrobatic gymnast. Combining their experience and unique skills, they create a dynamic dance partnership that is like nothing else you’ve seen.

Nicolas Besnard used to perform with the world-renowned Cirque de Soleil, while Shenea Booth is a two-time world champion in acrobatic gymnastics, so they are both well established in their own rights. But when they rehearse and perform together, their chemistry is electric and the moves that they are able to execute are awe-inspiring.

As Nicolas throws Shenea around the stage, holding unbelievable poses that require intense strength, you can’t help but watch with your mouth wide open and gasping with delight. Their routine is flawless!

The fluid dance routine is beautifully graceful and electric all at the same time. It must have taken them months to choreograph and execute this routine, but their hard work pays off as they set new standards for dancers and gymnasts everywhere.

Watch the exquisite video for yourself and prepare to be amazed! If you were as impressed by this routine as we were, leave your thoughts in the comments below and share their talent with the world. ?