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Woman Watches Taco Bell Cashier Take Man’s Order, Then She Realises What His Hands Are Doing

By - 2nd January 2019

When kids are told to choose a language to study at school they often choose French or Spanish. But when this high school student chose to learn sign language, he had no idea just how much of an impact it would make. 

Caleb Francis decided to study sign language at school to try something new. Despite his peers all learning spoken languages around him, he didn’t follow the crowd. He enjoys learning the new skill and gets excited when he meets somebody who can speak in sign language too.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like to be deaf; to live in a world that is silent. Most people who are born deaf learn sign language and can read lips well. However, sometimes there are situations that can feel pretty daunting. Something as simple as ordering your food at a restaurant can turn into a stressful situation, full of confusion.

Caleb used his sign language to help make a deaf customer’s day

Thanks to Caleb’s skills in sign language, he was able to make one deaf customer’s experience a whole lot easier.

The man came into Taco Bell, where Caleb was working the day shift. He tried to ask for salsa and sour cream on the side. The man was unable to communicate what he needed, but when Caleb began to sign, he was relieved to be able to place his order with ease.

As Caleb helped the frustrated man, another customer caught the interaction on camera and posted it online. The internet praised his amazing efforts to help the man. Since the video went viral, more hearing impaired people have gone to the restaurant purely to ask for Caleb to serve them.

While some people may think of it as a chore to speak in another language that isn’t their own, Caleb loves it when he gets a chance to use his skills.

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