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Nursing Home Throws A Surprise Birthday Party For Therapy Dog, And Now She Can’t Stop Smiling

By - 27th April 2018

Growing up, the best part of our childhood is having our birthday parties. Most pet owners don’t know the date their animal was born so they rarely celebrate their pet’s birthday. But Maui the therapy dog got the biggest surprise when she had a surprise birthday party thrown in her honor.

surprise birthday party

Maui is a therapy dog who loves spending her time visiting the residents of the Beaumont Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Westborough, Massachusetts. She hangs out with the elderly patients in their rooms and keeps them company in the common area. Needless to say, everybody loves Maui.

When the director of nursing for the center, Nicole Croteau, found out that Maui’s birthday was coming up, she wanted to do something special for the adoring pooch. Originally, she thought it would be fun to get her a cupcake for when she came to visit, but it snowballed from there. Instead, they wound up arranging a whole surprise birthday party for Maui.

surprise birthday party

Upon arriving at the center for her usual Friday visit, Maui was greeted by excited residents and staff as they wished her a happy birthday. The recreation room had been turned into a birthday paradise. All of Maui’s friends were there and there were gifts, cake and a birthday crown for Maui to wear.

We gave her a new hairbrush and toys from the residents, and everyone had cake.

Maui was so excited by all the attention that she couldn’t stop smiling.

surprise birthday party

Some of the patients at the center have dementia and Maui always manages to brighten up their day. One man, in particular, was loving the party; he clearly loves Maui very much.

surprise birthday party

They both were just so happy. The joy Maui can bring people, even if they may not be as alert as others, is wonderful.

Maui does a fantastic job of making the residents happy and they wanted to celebrate the life of such a wonderful dog by making her happy. I’m kind of gutted that I didn’t get an invitation to Maui’s surprise birthday party – it looks like a blast!

surprise birthday party

We should appreciate our animals more and celebrate their lives the same as we do for humans. Share this article with your friends to brighten up their day with Maui’s happy face. We love hearing your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your own pictures of your happy birthday dogs in the comments below. ?