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Support Dog Realises Owner Is Having A Panic Attack, Knows She Needs Comforting And Rushes To Her Side

By - 17th July 2018

It’s not as if we needed any more reasons to love dogs, but this video of a therapy dog comforting his owner in distress is enough to have us running to the local animal shelter.

Amber Oliver from Massachusetts is a professional dog trainer and this is her support dog, Oakley. I don’t need to tell you twice that Oakley is a VERY good boy. Amber has trained five-year-old Oakley to recognize changes in her body temperature, breathing and her heart rate that are all signs of an impending panic attack.

panic attack

Recently, at Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International airport, Amber began to feel upset. An onlooker caught footage of Oakley jumping to the rescue of his beloved owner. When Amber began to become distressed, Oakley immediately sat up and began to comfort her.

Support dog, Oakley, recognizes when his owner is having a panic attack

Oakley helps me every single day. Oakley is always watching and paying attention to me, making sure to help me whenever needed.

Dogs trained for support work and as service animals are incredibly special members of society. Service animals are used as guide dogs for the blind, support to veterans with PTSD, and can warn their owners about impending health problems such as seizures and diabetic lows. All in all, they are amazingly intelligent animals.

Support dogs have been even more in demand since the rise in school shootings. Comfort dogs have been brought into the schools to help the students deal with the traumatic experience.

panic attack

After the horrific incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida this year, the charity LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs deployed dogs to the school. Golden retrievers trained in the art of empathy were sent in to help the students with the healing process.

But it’s not just Oakley making a difference in people’s lives

And it’s not just trained animals that are skilled in empathizing with humans. A photo of a corgi went viral earlier this year for all the right reasons. When Cora the corgi saw an older gentleman at the airport sobbing, the sweet canine walked over to the man and sat at his feet. She knew that she couldn’t do much to help, but she could at least be there for him.

panic attack
Thanks to her natural ability, Cora has since been trained as a therapy dog.

I think it’s safe to say that all dogs are awesome but these special animals who dedicate their lives to helping us, deserve celebrating every day.

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