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Cat Recovering From Operation Goes Into Cardiac Arrest, Watch As She Miraculously Comes Back To Life

By - 27th September 2018

For those who have experienced it, recovering from a major operation can be hellish. But it’s not just humans that have a hard time going under the knife. Tiger the cat went into cardiac arrest so he was rushed into theatre. Thankfully, The Supervet was on hand to try and help.

Martin Noel Galgani Fitzpatrick (better known as Noel Fitzpatrick) is an Irish veterinary surgeon. Originally, Noel came from Ballyfin in Laois, Ireland, before he moved to Guildford, Surrey, in 1993. Here, he works as the director and managing clinician at Fitzpatrick Referrals.

Noel Fitzpatrick and his team are the stars of the Channel 4 show The Supervet. The show works to show the day to day tasks, struggles and heroism that goes on in his veterinary clinic.

the supervet

The Supervet focuses on hard-to-cure pets and in a documentary fashion, they show the cutting-edge care from Fitzpatrick and his staff

What makes the show incredible is seeing how much Noel truly does care about the animals he treats. Sometimes there are tears, other times there is happiness and joy. But it’s never a dull day at the clinic.

In this incredible footage, Tiger the cat has sadly gone into cardiac arrest. Noel and his team work tirelessly to try and resuscitate the cat but all forms are failing.

Nothing seems to be working for this troubled cat and the cat’s heartbeat disappears. Panicking now, the team start looking for ways to bring the cat’s heartbeat back before it’s too late.

However, the Supervet has one more trick up his sleeve. It’s a long shot, but it just might work!

Now, this is quite a bold move that Noel tried, but it was quite literally a matter of life or death. Noel and his team cut a small hole in the chest of Tiger. There, Noel stuck his finger into the cat’s chest to try and manually restart the cat’s heartbeat.

At this point, Tiger the cat had not been breathing for around 3 minutes. But with help from Noel and his team, the heartbeats slowly started to return to Tiger and then he managed to breathe unaided again.

Miraculously, the team managed to save Tiger. We honestly don’t know how they did it, but these incredible heroes managed to bring a cat back to life! The moment when Tiger begins to cry out as the life comes back to him is truly heartwarming. It brought a tear to my eye.

Honestly, the footage is incredible and we strongly recommend watching – we promise you, the cat is fine.

Don’t forget to watch The Supervet bring Tiger the cat back to life in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?