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Man Sent To Supermarket For Bottle Of Wine, Returns With A Kayak

By - 9th August 2019

We’ve all been there. We’ve gone to the shop with something in mind – maybe you need more tomatoes for your bolognese. But, you get to the supermarket and you start getting distracted. What’s an apple corer? Do I need a bargain bin DVD? Have we got any beers in? By the time you’re at the checkout, you’ve forgotten all about the tomatoes you came in for, and you’re leaving with a bag full of unnecessary stuff! Well, one English lad took this to the extreme when he came home with a kayak of all things.


33-year-old Craig Holland’s fiance sent him to his local Aldi supermarket for a bottle of wine. She fancied a glass, but they were fresh out. But, when he got to the supermarket, he forgot all about the wine. You see, Aldi is a German supermarket popular in Britain. It has a notorious “middle aisle” – an aisle filled with the most random items that change on a weekly basis.

British people love to peruse this aisle to pick up a random thing or two. Anything from a drill to slippers, it could be there. But Craig paddled home on a brand new kayak.


“On this particular day I went straight in for the wine, but couldn’t resist a browse of the middle two aisles,” he said. “I saw an inflatable kayak and thought it looked great and would be ideal for our camping holidays with our daughter.

However, he was a little worried about its maiden voyage – it was his first time on the water too! “I was slightly anxious as I wasn’t sure how stable it would be – that and the fact that I had never been in a canoe or kayak before.”


For a first-timer, his efforts weren’t bad! The family must be looking forward to their next holiday with the kayak, but Craig’s fiance may be worried about his next trip to Aldi…

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