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Supermarket Retrains Employee With Dementia Every Time She Forgets

By - 13th March 2019
supermarket retrains employee with dementia

Supermarket staff can often feel overworked and undervalued by their employers, especially at busy times of the year or if the company is unsympathetic to personal problems. This supermarket, however, has done the exact opposite and exceeded all expectations when Doron Salomon’s mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a horrible dementia-like disease that causes the sufferer to forget even basic things, people they know, and even family members. As such, it is nearly impossible to keep a job when you’re forgetting everything you need to do and require near-constant care.

However, since Sainsbury’s hired her seven years ago, Salomon’s mother has been a great worker, especially excelling in the handling of online orders. So, when her doctor suggested that she was no longer fit to work, they changed her role to suit her new needs.

Cleaning tote boxes is a basic task that staff should do in addition to any other tasks, but the company and staff entrusted her with this specific role and helped her if she ever got stuck or forgot something.

Proud of her new role, Salomon’s mom still plays a key part in the Sainsbury’s team. While relieving other staff of some of their duties so they can focus on other tasks, the small role fills her with pride and gives her purpose.

No, it is not a vital role, but it doesn’t matter. They have helped her, and offer her regular opportunities to retrain in this small task so that she feels confident to ask for help when she needs it. This will undoubtedly help her in other areas away from work when she struggles to remember something there will be less stigma attached to asking for help and admitting she needs it.

Sainsbury’s employed Salomon’s mom for another year, despite her deteriorating condition and relatively simple role. She was a part of the team and well-loved by them, and they didn’t want to let her go. The small tasks also probably helped her to reduce the rate of cognitive decline, and keep her Alzheimer’s disease at bay for as long as possible.

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