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Student And Puppy Reunited After Being In A Horrific Car Accident

By - 16th July 2019
student puppy car accident

You always hope that nothing bad will ever happen to you. And even more so for your dog or puppy. Most people care more about their dogs than themselves! While self-care is important, it is also incredibly important to take care of your dog. As pets depend entirely on you for their care, it is imperative to show them love and attention, no matter what happens. When this student was involved in a car accident, his dog was all he could think about.

Michael Crocker was driving a long way home to California from college in Alabama in May. However, as he was approaching California, he just wanted to power through and get home. But, the worst happened, and he fell asleep at the wheel. His friend was driving behind him and saw it all, and immediately rushed to help. Michael’s car rolled into a ditch, and then back onto the road. The car accident was horrific, but he could only think about one thing – his puppy.

student puppy car accident

“I do remember rolling, and I remember feeling my weight hit the seatbelt on my shoulder. And I remember sticking my hands up,” he explained. “As soon as the front of my car flipped out I hit a sign, and I rolled four times back onto the road.”

However, he regained consciousness and immediately asked after his dog. He only cared about his puppy who had been in the car. Bella is a four-month-old golden lab mix, and she escaped the car in the accident.

student puppy car accident

The search went on for two weeks, but just as people were giving up hope, a local animal rescue charity found her. Bella’s leash had caught on a branch in the desert and she had been unable to get free. Luckily, they found her in time and returned her to Michael.

Michael lost his thumb and suffered severe burns in the accident, but he is glad that Bella is safe. The two are inseparable, and best friends.

student puppy car accident

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