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High School Student Amazed As She Is Accepted Into 39 Colleges

By - 19th March 2019
student accepted into 39 colleges

Applying for college is one of the most stressful parts of life, especially when you’re a teenager with little else to worry about. Okay, for some people, their famous and/or rich parents manage to get them a cheeky scholarship for a sport they don’t play, but for the majority, it’s down to honest hard work.

17-year-old Jordan Nixon is one of those hard-working individuals. The student at Douglas County High School has gone viral after her immense success with college acceptances.

“The crazy thing is, I’m still waiting on decision letters, but I was not expecting that at all,” she said. Nixon applied to about 50 colleges, so could still be hearing back from more!

student accepted into 39 colleges

“It’s shocking, each and every time, you’re taken aback every time you open one,” she continued.

Her parents are so proud of her achievements and know it’s down to her work ethic and hard graft. They said that they are “so happy for her because she does put in a lot of due diligence into applying for these schools.” They also pointed out that her time management skills and independence were why she did so well.

Her mother later joked, “It was really amazing at first, and then it became, when are the letters going to stop?”

student accepted into 39 colleges

Nixon was also offered $1.6 million in scholarships, a fitting reward for all her hard work in her studies. But Nixon works hard outside of school, too, “I am one of the captains of the varsity cheer team here at Douglas County, I’m in Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, and I also participate in DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America).”

It is apparent that whichever school Nixon chooses, she will give her all and come out on top. She wants to study International Business, so watch this space for her international company to jump onto the scene any day now!

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