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Store Owner Opens His Shop To Stray Dog During Heatwave

By - 6th September 2019
stray dog heatwave

A heatwave affects us all. You struggle if you need to go outside, and menial tasks become difficult chores. However, a heatwave disproportionately affects old and young people. If you’re older, and we’re talking like grandparents or pensioners here, extreme heat can render you immobile. The same goes for children, especially those under ten. But, those often forgotten in moments like this are the animals.

Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada was struggling through the recent heatwave in Mexico. But, he desperately needed some milk. So, he made the trek to his local convenience store in the 104°F heat. However, when he got there, he didn’t believe his eyes.

stray dog heatwave

“A stray dog was being fed and getting water from the [store] clerk,” he said. “Then I saw they let the dog inside.”

Adolfo asked if it was the clerk’s dog, but it wasn’t. It was a stray, or they suspect someone abandoned it.

“He has been here the past [few] days. We suspect he was left behind by his owner. He came to us for help,” the clerk explained. “We could only provide him with food, water, and some toys from the store that we paid with our money.”

But, their kindness didn’t stop there.

stray dog heatwave

“We let him inside because the temperature outside is really hell-like. We feel bad for him, but he looks happier around the store,” the clerk went on.

The store clerk hopes that someone who passes through the shop will adopt the dog. It gets a lot of attention already, so he is hopeful for the future.

“I felt bad for what the dog has passed through,” Adolfo said. “But he is now receiving the love he deserves.”

stray dog heatwave

What do you make of this kind act? It may well have saved this dog’s life in the horrendous heatwave. Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends.