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Stray Dog Walks 100+ Miles To See Couple Who Showed Her Kindness

By - 13th September 2019
stray dog kindness

Love, empathy, and kindness are so important in the modern world. And while we should show these things to other people, they should also apply to animals. This elderly couple showed beautiful love to a stray dog on the streets of Argentina, but they didn’t expect her to ever return the favour.

The couple helped a random stray they found on the streets of Rivadavia, Argentina. They named her Negrita and helped her because they were worried about her health. Negrita was pregnant, malnourished, and emaciated. The couple feared for her life and the lives of her puppies. This is what she looked like:

stray dog kindness

So, they fed her and gave her water every day, nursing the poor stray back to health. When she gave birth, they raised the puppies for a few months. However, as they were old, they couldn’t look after all the new dogs. But, instead of abandoning them as Negrita had clearly been abandoned before, they found good homes.

They found homes for all the puppies and sent Negrita to live with a friend of theirs in a neighboring town. They were simply too old to look after a dog, and their friend in Jáchal was happy to take care of the ex-stray.

stray dog kindness

Stray Again

However, two weeks later they got a call. Negrita had gone missing. Their friend had searched everywhere for her but to no avail.

More time passed, and the elderly couple were incredibly shocked when who showed up at their door? It was Negrita! She remembered their kindness and had walked 161km, over 100 miles, to find them again.

stray dog kindness

They were shocked by her loyalty, and couldn’t bear to lose her again, so took her in for good. Now they make up a happy family, and Negrita has the love and affection she deserves.

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Images courtesy of Pixabay, Google, and Minuto Uno.