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You NEED To See These Adorable Photos Of Stray Cats Cuddling

By - 19th April 2019
stray cats cuddling

Cats can get a bad reputation. Yes, a lot of people adore them, but many find them selfish and arrogant. But that’s just a part of their charm, right? Anyway, stray cats, as with most stray animals, have an even worse reputation. Let’s face it, you immediately think of dirty fur, fleas, and aggressive hissing. But that isn’t always the case, as this photographer found out!

Some people take to strays. They are underdogs (or undercats?) and many people try to adopt them. However, in Turkey, there is a problem. Strays are everywhere. The unnamed photographer found that the kittens were welcomed into cafes and shops every day.

stray cats cuddling

However, the real cuteness came when he was walking along the Bosphorus Canal. He noticed two cats cuddling together, both of them strays. This behaviour seems very abnormal for stray cats, but maybe they were huddling for warmth, or perhaps they were just happy together.

Whatever the reason, the photos show the cutest little relationship we have ever seen. It’s rare enough to see one cat show affection, but another to reciprocate! The chances are slimmer than winning the lottery.

stray cats cuddling

The photographer got plenty of snaps of cats all over Turkey, but our favourites are definitely the cuddling couple! We hope that the cats are alright in the chilly weather, but it seems they get well fed when they head to a cafe. Anyway, here are some more cute pictures of cats cuddling:

stray cats cuddling

We still cannot confirm whether the photographer only took photos of the cats he saw, but it seemed that way. And who are we to complain? The photos are enough to warm our hearts.

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