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Employees Complained About Stray Cat Roaming Law Firm – So They Hired Him!

By - 27th September 2019
stray cat lawyer

Don’t you always wish there were more animals at work? Many companies are starting to instigate “bring your pet to work” days, which is perfect! And, some even hire support dogs and cats to help their employees’ productivity every so often. But, it’s not often that a company actually employs an animal as a full-time staff member. But, this Brazillian law firm hired an adorable stray cat.

stray cat lawyer

It all started when staff at Order of Attorneys of Brazil noticed a stray cat hanging around. They weren’t to keen on it being there, mainly because they might accidentally step on him! So, the company did the only reasonable thing. Dr Jeanette Laredo explained:

“After a heavy rain, this little guy here seeking shelter from the storm went inside the OAB building (Brazilian equivalent of ABA, American Bar Association) and decided to stay. Unfortunately some people started to file some complaints about the fact that at the reception desk there was a stray cat hanging around and trying to make friends with the newcomers. In order to avoid some new complaints the board gave the solution: Hire the cat as an employee.”

stray cat lawyer

A Stray Cat Promotion

The cat, called Leon, was initially employed to greet guests as they entered the building. However, he performed so well that he quickly got promoted to a fully-fledged lawyer! Some employees weren’t keen (read: didn’t have a sense of humor), but everyone has since come round.

“In February it rains a lot in the state of Amapá (Amazonia),” explained Dr Leon’s representatives. “So he arrived at OAB fleeing from the rain and thunder. For a week, he was fed and protected in a box. Until he got hired. [They said] that there was no space for him because it is a serious institution. So the President [of the OAB] determined the hiring and gave him an employee badge.”

stray cat lawyer

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