Return to top Woman Sits Next To Pregnant Girl On Flight Home, Days Later She Receives A Life Changing Call

Woman Sits Next To Pregnant Girl On Flight Home, Days Later She Receives A Life Changing Call

By - 13th April 2018

Divorcee Temple Phipps had always wanted a child of her own, however she was struggling to adopt. But thanks to a chance meeting with a stranger on a plane, her dreams of becoming a mother came true in the most unexpected way. 

In September 2017, Samantha Snipes missed a flight to Raleigh where she was visiting a friend. Samantha had just escaped an abusive relationship and was heavily pregnant with a baby boy. She intended to put the child up for adoption once he was born; she knew that she wasn’t emotionally ready for a child.

Grabbing the last seat on standby, Samantha boarded a flight finally and sat next to 42-year-old Temple Phipps. Sitting down, she had no idea that their conversation would change the course of both of their lives.

stranger on a plane

The ladies got to talking and Samantha told Temple that she intended to give her baby up. She would give him to a family member or put him up for adoption. Temple never had children of her own, but she had been applying to adoption agencies. However, she was running into issues because she was a single woman.

Through the course of their conversation, Samantha expressed her concerns. So Temple offered her phone number in case she needed anything. The women went their separate ways and didn’t think much more of their interaction.

But just three days later, Samantha went into early labour and gave birth to her beautiful baby boy. Nervous and scared, she called Temple and asked if she would like to come visit them in the hospital.

stranger on a plane

She said, ‘It’s Samantha from the plane.” I said, ‘Is everything OK?’ and she said, ‘I’m still in Raleigh. I had the baby. Do you want to come see us?’ – Temple

Temple went to the hospital to visit the new mother and her baby. From the moment she held the baby in her arms, she knew that he would be hers.

“I think you should be his mother,” Samantha announced as Temple sat there shaking. Samantha could tell that Temple had fallen in love with the little boy and she had a good feeling about the woman she had only recently met.

She already looked like she loved him after holding him for an hour. The stuff that I wasn’t feeling, she was feeling, and I was watching that. And that’s what made me decide this was the right thing to do. – Samantha

stranger on a plane

The decision was tough but things quickly fell into place, and a week later, Temple was a mom. She officially adopted Vaughan Preston Phipps in August 2017, and the little family has never looked back since. Samantha even moved to North Carolina to be close to the family.

We’re chosen family for sure. People thought, she’s coming to his birthday parties, and we have pictures of all of us together at the birthday party, and that’s the way it will be. – Temple

Both women were lost in their journeys to having a family, but thanks to a miraculous meeting and a conversation with a stranger on a plane, everything fell into place.

stranger on a plane

“I won the baby lottery for sure.” Temple says. “Miracles do happen, and I think you can manifest those things. And this is what manifested.”

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