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Couple Searching For Stranger Who Recorded Their Magical Proposal

By - 13th September 2019

Getting married is the most magical time of your life. And it all starts with a proposal. Many people create elaborate schemes to surprise their partner. Some people involve a flash mob or a serenade. This couple were on a romantic hike in Hawaii when the boyfriend decided it was the right time to propose.

It was a romantic gesture with a simply stunning view, and the couple had a moment they will cherish forever. However, they didn’t know a stranger saw what was happening and filmed the whole thing! Now they’re trying to find the kind person who filmed the proposal.

This person must have been hiking too, on an adjacent peak. They later airdropped the video to the couple’s phones, which is how they found out about it. The person also posted it on social media, where it quickly went viral.

Now, the happy couple wants to find the person who took the video and thank them. They also want to invite them to their wedding.


“We’re still looking, and we really want to find them,” said proposer Rainer. “We really want to find them and invite them to the wedding. That’s the goal here. Because they were so excited and they were there, they were a part of that moment. So why not have them be a part of the next moment, which is going to be the wedding?”

“It’s unbelievable that they were there at the exact perfect moment,” added fiance Gina.


The only hints as to the identity of the mystery camerawoman is a brief shot at the end of the video where she mouths the words “oh my God”.

Get in touch if you know this woman, as she has a seat reserved for the wedding! Share far and wide with your family and friends to see if we can find her. Plus, you get to see an amazing marriage proposal.