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When A Storm Hit, This Bus Driver Let Stray Dogs Ride Along With Him

By - 1st February 2017

This small but highly touching act of kindness towards some animals in need has gone viral for all of the right reasons — and It’s clear to see why.

Facebook/Stella Maris San Martin

Last Tuesday, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina was hit by a huge storm which caused destruction across the city.

Right in the midst of the storm one local bus driver though he would offer out his services to the most unlikely pair of passengers he’d ever had.

After spotting a pair of terrified stray dogs, freezing old and completely unprotected from the rain, he promptly pulled the bus over and carried them aboard.

The driver’s compassion wasn’t missed by his human passengers and a witness Stella Maris San Martín said:

“They were two very scared little dogs,”

“He never tried to put them off. He spoke to them like they were his own.”

A moving photograph taken on the bus shows one of the dogs soggy pups resting at the driver’s feet.

Facebook/Amor Por Los Animales

On Facebook, a post describing his actions that day has been shared more than 10,000 times.

Carina Barbosa / Facebook

It’s unclear if the driver continued and actually picked up more stray dogs as he headed off on his lap around the city.

We at Happiest believe that small gestures like this one, make the world a more beautiful place and deserve to be celebrated.

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