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Starving Animals Rescued From Zoo In Gaza

By - 11th April 2019

Nearly 50  starving and freezing 50 animals, including five lions, five monkeys, four ostriches, three peacocks, two wolves and a hyena have been rescued from by international animal welfare organisation Four Paws this Sunday.

Rafah Zoo had been mistreating the animal. In 2019, bad weather and inadequate housing, 4 lion cubs died. On top of which, the owner declawed a lioness so that visitors could pet her. This brought the zoo under much scrutiny.

Four Paws came to the rescue. In the video below we can see that time is of the essence for the charity workers. The animals are malnourished and their health is in danger, with their cramped conditions creating physical and mental issues for the animals. One wolf, in particular, is suffering from a huge tumour.

Knowing he needed to rehome the animals, the owner eventually reached out to Four Paws for help. He said that the increasing tension in Gaza with the Isreali and Egyptian blockade made it more difficult to care for the animals saying “It is a tough decision, I feel like I am losing my family. I lived with some of those animals for 20 years. I hope they find a better place to live.”

This rescue was Four Paws biggest so far and they have taken the animals to a safer, better zoo in Jordan.

Four Paws veterinarian and Head of Mission Amir Khalil said, “The intensive work of the last weeks has brought our team to its limits. To examine and load almost 50 animals in just a few days was a huge challenge”

You can see from the video just how much help these animals needed and what a great and important job the Four Paws guys did. Let’s hope the animals are much happier in there new home and Four Paws can continue making a difference to animals in need.