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Southwest Flight Attendants Hilarious Safety Briefing Has The Entire Plane In A Fit Of Laughter

By - 17th November 2017

The process of flying on an airplane can be a tedious one. By the time you’ve gone through the procedure of checking in, waiting to board your flight and got to your seat, all you want to do is take a nap. So this flight attendant decided to make the safety presentation a bit more entertaining for his passengers…

South West Airlines are well known for their cheeky antics often making the headlines, so it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for this event to have happened onboard one of their flights. When sassy flight attendant, Nicholas Demore, took to his position for the pre-flight safety presentation, he was ready to give the performance of his career.

Once you’ve seen a flight safety announcement a dozen times, you probably don’t feel the need to pay attention anymore. But passengers onboard this flight couldn’t help but pay attention as Nicholas turned the announcement into a seductive comedy sketch. And luckily passengers recorded the performance on their phones for us all to enjoy!

The passengers of Flight 1597 got the safety briefing of a lifetime as they laughed their way through Demore’s ‘sexy’ instructions. His fellow crew member was even distracted by his antics as she gave the announcement over the intercom, audibly giggling. Everyone is clearly thoroughly enjoying his hilarious display.

Deservingly, the flight attendant finished the safety briefing to applause from the passengers and continued to entertain them all throughout the flight.

Watch the video to witness Nicholas Demore’s hilarious performance for yourself! If only all safety announcements were this humorous, then they wouldn’t feel like such a chore.

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