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Unusual Song Begins To Play In Busy Station, Then Bewildered Commuters Watch As Everyone Changes

By - 8th November 2018

Picture the scene, you’re heading out to work, you’ve got a long commute and you have to catch a train at Belgium’s busiest train station. Then out of nowhere, you start hearing music playing over the intercom. Next thing you know, you’re caught up in a huge Sound of Music flash mob!

Back in 2009, an incredible moment in television advertising was about to happen. A Belgian commercial for VTM took place at the busy Antwerp train station that would change the way we see adverts. Why? because it was an excellent stunt that left all the commuters in awe (and of course, us here at Happiest).

Sure, a simple advert, they come and they go. Well, this commercial has been watched over 37 million times on YouTube and it remains one of the greatest flash mobs in history.

This Sound of Music flash mob set the standard for what you can do with some willing participants and a hell of a lot of rehearsals

The video starts with lots of commuters meandering through the main train station. All of a sudden, we hear the intercom get taken over by some music which gets progressively louder.

We then hear the famous intro lyrics “Let’s start at the very beginning” – it can only be one iconic song. Yes, ‘Do Re Mi‘ from The Sound of Music began to play over the intercom.

Sound of Music flash mob

You can see everybody looking around looking pretty confused. Then as the song gets going, one man begins to throw his hands up into the air and dance to the music.

Then out of nowhere, a little girl begins to dance with him. At that moment people begin to gasp in awe and twig that something is going on. As each line of the song begins, more and more people begin joining in with the choreographed routine.

Before you know it, the whole train station has been swarmed by flash mob dancers and it’s so darn pleasurable to watch. Honestly, each time I see this video, I’m beaming from ear to ear.

Don’t forget to watch this incredible Sound of Music flash mob at an Antwerp train station in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?