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Son Performs Tribute To Dad “While He Still Knows Who I Am”

By - 7th August 2019

Getting old is just a part of life. So are many illnesses. But, it is heartbreaking when your loved ones begin to forget who you are. This son decided to perform a heartfelt tribute to his dad while he still recognised him. His dad has the early stages of the disease, but they both know it will get worse.

To make things even more emotional, the son set the video to the song “While He Still Knows Who I Am” by Kenny Chesney. The original song is also about a son, Kenny, who was losing a loved one to the disease.

son tribute dad

The emotional video starts with a quote from the son in question.

son tribute dad

Then, the video shows him lip-syncing the words to the song as the pair drive together. It is simple but emotional. You can tell he is choking up as he sings the lyrics.

This time I’m gonna kiss him
Instead of just shaking hands
Gonna tell him that I love him
While he still knows
Who I am”

son tribute dad

Unfortunately, this son left a comment on the YouTube video saying that his father passed away, three years after the video was posted. “It’s with deepest regrets,” he wrote. “That I share that I buried my father this past weekend with Navy honors. He was the inspiration for this video I created and will forever be missed.”

The video touched the souls of many, and nearly six million times watched it. A fitting tribute. Let us know what you thought in the comments, and share with your family and friends.