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Baby Penguin Refuses To Accept He’s Too Big For His Pouch, Then Dad Finally Has Enough

By - 2nd May 2018

Can you imagine trying to raise a family in a freezing climate? For emperor penguins, this is just a part of daily life in the Antarctic winters where temperatures drop as low as -60°C in extreme cases.

After the females lay an egg, they head towards the sea to feed while the males act as babysitters. The male emperor penguins huddle together and perch the eggs on their feet to keep them warm under their bodies. Emperor penguins have a special fold of skin which creates a pouch to hold their young.

Once the eggs hatch the penguin chicks are clothed with just a thin layer of down. Chicks also can’t regulate their own body temperature and it can take up to 50 days for them to be able to warm themselves. That’s why they hide away in the snug pouches of their parents. When the mothers return from their feed, both parents take turns looking after their baby.

Snow Chick – the adorable little penguin

Snow Chick

The footage below comes from an adorable special by the BBC called Snow Chick: A Penguin’s Tale. The special was narrated by Kate Winslet and it follows the adventures of a tiny little penguin called Snow Chick.

In the video, Snow Chick and his pals are huddled together to stay warm with their dads looking after them as they wait for their mothers to return. Snow Chick has started to get a little bit too big for his father’s pouch. Naturally, the next step is to join the huddle with the other young penguins to stay warm. Sadly, Snow Chick hasn’t quite mastered the art of getting into the huddle.

This pudgy little creature is melting our hearts as we watch his daily adventures unfold. I don’t know about you, but I want a little Snow Chick of my own.

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