Return to top Man Gets Into Heated Argument With Grumpy Baby Goat, Their Exchange Will Have You In Stitches

Man Gets Into Heated Argument With Grumpy Baby Goat, Their Exchange Will Have You In Stitches

By - 2nd October 2018

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves face to face with conflict or disagreement. But while some people will try and keep the peace, others will argue their points till the other person submits. But have you ever witnessed an argumental goat? I wouldn’t know where to begin with that!

For one man, he was about to find out what an interaction with an argumental goat would be like first hand. I wouldn’t get involved, these two are going at it pretty hard!

Sky Garnick was out venturing on a ranch in Wyoming. It was on this ranch where Sky found himself on the receiving end of a telling-off from a disgruntled little goat.

The fierce interaction with the argumental goat went on for about 50 seconds

However, Sky Garnick managed to keep his cool and converse with the goat in a calm and sophisticated manner.

argumental goat

The way the goat communicates with Garnick is hilarious. It speaks to him like a human, waiting for him to speak then bleating back at Sky. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this before but I am so glad I did.

The video starts with Sky sitting down next to a little goat before it starts bleating at him. As Sky starts talking back, the argumental goat starts bleating over the top of him. At this point, Sky knew he could have a bit of fun with this little creature.

He started creating a fictitious argument with the goat and the results were hilarious. At one point, after Sky made a counter-argument to the goat, the goat blew a raspberry in his face like a child would do.

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