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Skaters Wow The Audience And Judges With Perfect Performance

By - 15th March 2019
synchronised skaters are perfect

I don’t know about you, but I have tried to ice skate before and ended up looking like Bambi. It is one of the hardest skills in the world to master, and it makes you feel a little bit jealous when you see someone who can do it well. This Canadian team features 16 perfect skaters, all skating unbelievably well.

This team have spent hundreds of hours on individual practice, and then hundreds more practising together as a team so that they are in perfect harmony and synchronisation.

The group of Canadians were performing at a prestigious event, the World Synchro Championships. Ice skating is one of the most difficult sports in the world, let alone when doing it in time with others, it is amazing that it has not yet been added to the Olympics, so this is the pinnacle of achievement for a synchronised skater.

synchronised skaters are perfect

Watch the video below to be awed by the talent of this team. Combining dancing and skating is so difficult, and Team Canada blend the two perfectly. You can barely hear the music because of how loud the crowd are being, which shows just how good the Canadian skaters are.

Comments on the performance include someone saying that it was “so energetic and outside the box! Usually, skating is linked to softness, this was way better… And [the skaters] had really great moves! Great job Team Canada!”

Another said, “Having skated in my youth, I stand in slack jawed amazement and open admiration of this troop. Well done.”

synchronised skaters are perfect

The only way to truly appreciate the skating is by watching the video. We played it three times in a row because it was so good!

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