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Siblings Sing Beautiful Mash Up Of ‘Hallelujah’ And ‘Amazing Grace’ – It Will Give You Chills All Over

By - 25th October 2018

I think we may well have found the modern-day Von Trapp family! A bold statement, but we’ve found six singing siblings who love performing with each other in perfect harmony.

The musical ensemble of six singing siblings is made up of 5 sisters and one brother and all of them love to sing and play music. It’s really soothing and quite uplifting to hear siblings working together in harmony to create such beautiful music.

Kenny Holland and his five sisters love nothing more than working together to produce some stunning harmonies in their music. But one video they recorded really made us smile.

In the video we see the six singing siblings perform a mashup of Hallelujah and Amazing Grace

six singing siblings
These incredible six singing siblings all performed the most beautiful and harmonious rendition of Hallelujah and Amazing Grace in a perfect mashup.

The family sing these two beautiful songs with the most amazing harmonies and soothing vocals. Honestly, I wish me and my brother could do this, it would be a real treat!

Kenny truly created a masterpiece when he started working out the melody and harmonies for his five sisters to sing with him. Who would have thought these siblings would be able to get on as well as they could to sit down and work out this rendition of two iconic pieces of music?

We promise you that their performance is well worth a watch. Having six kids sing together in such perfect harmony allows the music to create a haunting yet beautiful atmosphere. The sound is otherworldly and we think you will thoroughly enjoy it.

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