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Sisters With Alzheimer’s Meet For First Time In 15 Years, Their Beautiful Reunion Will Melt Your Heart

By - 30th July 2018

For most families, seeing a loved one suffer from the disease that is Alzheimer’s is one of the saddest around. It’s a disease that not only affects the victim but also their families as they slowly lose their family member. But one family shared a heartwarming moment when two sisters with Alzheimer’s recognized each other after years apart.

An incredibly touching moment was caught on camera. Two sisters with Alzheimer’s saw each other for the first time in 15 years.

Despite the struggle with communication due to her condition, Ann Patrick was over the moon when she recognized her long-lost sister Marguerita Wilson.

With the help of Ann’s granddaughter, the pair managed to reunite and their interaction was adorable. Their eyes caught and the two started to realize they were sisters. Both siblings were delighted to see each other again and it left the care home nurses and family members in tears.

Fate reunited these two sisters with Alzheimer’s

Ann’s granddaughter met Marguerita by chance when she went to the Alzheimer’s club where Louise works as a manager. Louise started to notice various similarities between Marguerita and her nan – especially their looks and accent.

She decided to make some enquiries into Marguerita’s background. That’s where she learned that Marguerita was Ann’s real sister and the pair had not been together for 15 years. Louise contacted Marguerita’s daughter to arrange a meeting between the two at Ann’s care home in Wiltshire.

Ann and Marguerita are two of five children born in Antwerp, Belgium, to an English mother and a Belgian father. Mildred, their mother left her unhappy marriage when Ann was 8 and Marguerita was 16.

They moved to England and have lived there since. Both sisters suffer from Alzheimer’s although Ann’s is more advanced than Marguerita’s.

When Marguerita got to see her sister, she burst into tears when she realized who she was with. Immediately she went to hug her sister. The two were always close but 15 years ago they had drifted apart and found it harder to visit each other. We’re just glad they’ve been able to reconnect now.

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