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Pair of Homeless Mother Dogs Discovered In Alley Were Raising Their Puppies Together

By - 25th January 2019

Coming across an abandoned dog in the street is never a pleasant experience. But finding two abandoned dogs and their litters of puppies in the street is a whole new level.

Recently, a woman was walking past an alleyway in Los Angeles, California, when she noticed the most unusual scene. Two skinny mother dogs were huddled together, nursing their nine babies. The devoted moms were raising their litters together.

The woman knew she had to do something to help. She picked them all up off the street and took them home with her, before getting in touch with the Northwest Dog Project (NDP) in Eugene, Oregon.

It was immediately clear how strong the bond was between the two mommy dogs. So they appropriately named the pair Thelma and Louise. Nobody knows exactly where they all came from, but it is possible that they could be related as they both appear to be terrier mixes. But it could be just as likely that they met each other on the streets and decided to stick together.

I’m sure at some point the moms were dumped by someone. They’re pretty underweight and malnourished… My take is that they had been living on the streets for a while now. – Emma Scott, executive director of NDP

However the pair came together, they are now inseparable. The single moms have been caring for their nine puppies together, taking it in turns to nurse and groom them.

The moms and their babies are settled in at the rescue and love their comfy beds and blankets. The moms barely ever leave each other’s sides and spend most of the day cuddling their babies and each other.

They seem to have a routine mapped out — one mom grooms the puppies while the other nurses them, and then they’ll switch. We can’t tell which puppies belong to who! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen something like this. They definitely have a sweet relationship.

Since a post about the dogs was uploaded to Facebook, the rescue has been flooded with messages of support. Many women are championing the single mom dogs for their brave raising of their babies.

Emma said, “People have really loved hearing about them, we had a lot of women commenting, ‘Single moms unite!’ It’s really special to see them taking care of one another alongside raising the puppies.”

Most of the puppies are girls, taking after their mommies, with only two boys between the litters. It’s hard to tell which puppies belong to which mom because they care for all the babies equally. And now they have a safer, more comfortable place to raise their litter.

And it’s not just the puppies who are thriving. Thelma and Louise are also on the mend after they were found skinny and malnourished.

The moms are both super sweet. Originally they were a bit nervous, but now they’re seeking out affection and rolling over for belly rubs. And the puppies are just hilarious and tiny. They’re adorable and make it so easy to stay in that room all day.

The puppies are now 5-weeks-old and starting to become more energetic and playful. They will stay with their moms for at least another month before they become strong enough to have all their vaccinations. Then they will all be available for adoption.

Everybody at the shelter is completely in love with the adorable single mom family. There are so many wagging tails and puppy kisses. This is co-parenting at its best.

This family is really why we do this. So much heartache can be involved [in rescue], but seeing two moms come together like this to raise their puppies is just so sweet. I look over at them, and can’t help but kind of tear up. This is the rewarding part.

If you think you could provide a good home to one of this adorable family, find more information here.

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