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Single Dad Adopts Beautiful Baby Girl With Down Sydrome

By - 23rd September 2019
single dad adopts

It’s always beautiful to see the best in humanity. And this single dad is up there with the best. When a little girl with Down Syndrome was passed up by 20 potential adopters by the time she was 13 days old, he stepped forward. However, he needed to overcome a lot for authorities to accept him as her dad.

Luca Trapanese is an Italian single parent. However, Italian social services rarely grant custody to single parents. And, they also discriminate against homosexuals. This left gay and single Luca in a bad position.

single dad adopts

However, he still offered to adopt two-week-old Alba, who suffers from Down Syndrome. Because he knew it was the right thing to do. And, after a long fight with social services, he became a single dad to a beautiful daughter. She finally had a home after so many people said they didn’t want to adopt her.

He believes that his landmark adoption “destroys stereotypes about fatherhood, religion and family.” We can’t help but agree. His love for a child in need shows he has everything Alba will need in a father. Regardless of his sexuality or whether he is in a relationship, he has everything a kid could need in a dad.

single dad adopts

Luca has worked as a carer for people with special needs all his life and has always dreamed of being a father. And now, his dreams have finally come true. Thankfully, authorities granted him custody of little Alba, and they live happily together.

Alba is now nearly two, and her single dad Luca is certain he made the right decision. The pair are incredibly happy together and are showing the world that stereotypes have no place. They love each other, and that is what is most important.

single dad adopts

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