Return to top “The Man Of 10,000 Sound Effects” Mimics Led Zeppelin Classic

“The Man Of 10,000 Sound Effects” Mimics Led Zeppelin Classic

By - 4th June 2019

I bet you’ve never heard of a singer like this. Yes, you may well have heard great singers and great cover versions of classic songs. But you’ve never heard Led Zeppelin quite like this. Michael Winslow is more than a beatboxer, but not a traditional singer. He can make sounds with his mouth that are quite frankly not normal.

His cover of Whole Lotta Love is phenomenal. Accompanied by only one acoustic guitar, he quickly drowns it out. How can a man sing and make it sound exactly like a guitar? He gets every note perfectly, every tone of the guitar, everything! It’s astonishing, but there’s no trickery involved. He even manages to nail Robert Plant’s voice, down to the reverb on the track.

singer mimics led zeppelin classic

The guitar solo is filled with distortion, but Michael nails the whiny tone. This is a unique skill and one that we have never seen the likes of before.

The astonishing performance was on a US talk show, but he can do this for hundreds of other songs, that you can also find on YouTube. It is astonishing to listen to those iconic Led Zeppelin guitar sounds come out of someone’s mouth!

singer mimics led zeppelin classic

We can assure you there is no hidden trickery, no backing track other than the one acoustic guitar. What Michael Winslow is doing is entirely on his own. Impressive, right? But, what’s next for him? Where can you go from here? Well, since working on Police Academy and Space Balls, he has done stand-up tours of America. Showcasing his talent in nearly every state, we think Michael’s best work is his guitar mimicry here. But you’ll just have to decide for yourself.

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