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Singer Is Late For Game, So Local Cop Blows Crowd Away With Stunning National Anthem Performance

By - 5th April 2018

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ is a phrase we’ve heard time and time again throughout our lives. And the reason is, quite simply, it’s true. Furthermore, you don’t know what hidden talents people may be harbouring.

In fact, we all tend to judge people subconsciously; We assume teachers don’t have a life outside of school. Cops are angry and unfriendly. Doctors have no time to socialise. But in reality, like most people, they have hobbies and interests like the rest of us.

Now working as a policeman can be strenuous, this much we know. But one day while working at a basketball game, a cop found himself in a crisis that he would suddenly have to fix himself.

During a basketball game between West Virginia University and the University of Kansas, a local policeman had to step in after a massive snowstorm caused a drama.

Cop sings national anthem

Every detail had been planned meticulously and the storm came right in and caused havoc for the organisers. Some people couldn’t make it to the game as they caught in the bad weather, including the singer, Leslie Dorchester was booked to sing the national anthem.

That’s when police officer Carlton Smith stepped in to showcase his off-duty talents for the crowd. Carlton was only given a 5-minute window of notice before he made his way to the centre of the court, but that didn’t stop him! This cop sings the national anthem out of nowhere and people are utterly speechless!

It turns out Carlton is quite the talented singer. He even competed on American Idol back in 2014.

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