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Watch Simone Biles Perform Historic Triple-Double In Extreme Slow Motion

By - 19th August 2019
simone biles

When you think of incredible athletes, gymnasts don’t always come to mind. You might think of Usain Bolt setting multiple world records, or Pele being the best footballer to ever live. Maybe you would think of Michael Phelps’ incredible Olympic successes. But the USA’s own Simone Biles sets world record after world record in gymnastics.

The youngster exploded onto the scene at the 2016 Olympics, aged just 19. Simone Biles won four gold medals, performing incredible gymnastic routines on multiple apparatus. She also picked up another medal at the competition, although not gold.

simone biles

Now she has reached the ripe old age of 22, Biles is still setting the standard for gymnasts across the world. At the US Women’s Gymnastics Championships last week she landed a historic triple-double. She is the first woman to ever land this incredibly technical and difficult move at a competition.

The triple-double involves three full twists and two full flips before landing. That’s going 720 degrees forwards and 1080 sideways in a matter of seconds. You really appreciate the difficulty of the move when you see it in super slow motion, however.

Only two men have ever successfully landed this move, and Biles is the first woman to do it. However, if she lands the move again at the World Championships in October, it will be named after her. After her years of consistency, it’s hard not to imagine her doing it again.

Simone Biles: Gymnast Extraordinaire

While gymnasts often retire very young, Biles still has many years and competitions left in her, so this is just the start of her domination of the sport. She is already lauded as one of the greats, but she will cement her place in history with another triple-double.

simone biles

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