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Sheep Dog Tries To Walk Down Icy Hill, When He Starts To Slide, Owner Quickly Grabs Camera

By - 8th November 2018

Winter is one of those seasons that can really split opinion. Some people hate trudging through the snow on the icy days, catching a cold and feeling permanently freezing. Whereas other people take it as an opportunity for fun; snowball fights, sledding and hot cups of cocoa.

Of course, at Happiest we like focusing on the bright side of life. So you can imagine our sheer delight when we saw an adorable creature enjoying the winter weather. But who said playing in the snow is just for kids? Dogs love it too!

Yes, we know dogs are playful creatures, but I bet none of you thought they’d be as joyous as this dog playing in the snow.

This adorable Maremma/Pyrenees sheepdog certainly isn’t afraid of the winter weather. I mean, his fur is already as white as snow and he’s got plenty of it so you know he won’t be getting cold in a hurry. Fingal the dog is no stranger to the cold. And he doesn’t plan on wasting a moment of playtime before the snow disappears.

In the video, we can see the adorable little sheepdog in the snow rolling around

sheepdog in the snow

The gorgeous pup can be seen sliding down the snow-covered hill with a huge smile upon his face. If you could witness the perfect example of happiness – it would be this moment right here.

Who would have known that dogs loved snow this much? Especially this sheepdog in the snow who loves sliding down a hill – and he doesn’t need a sled! I mean, come on, a little winter wonder can’t hurt anybody?

We just wish Fingal was ours so we could take him snow sliding with us.

Don’t forget to watch this adorable sheepdog in the snow having a whale of a time in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?