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Photographer Captures Adorable Rescue Kittens ‘Mid-Pounce’ To Find Them New Homes

By - 2nd November 2018

For those of you who own a cat, you’ll know that they’re pretty special creatures. These little furballs may seem cold or independent to other folks, but they can be just as playful as dogs.

But some people tend to forget that cats still have some fierce hunting abilities. After all, they do still love hunting down birds and mice. So one photographer decided it was time he showcased the playful nature of tiny kittens.

Seth Casteel wanted to take a series of adorable photographs of tiny kittens pouncing and leaping with glee. And honestly, the results of his photo shoots are all too precious.

‘Pounce’ was a photo book Seth Casteel created to showcase these adorable little kittens leaping with all their might. You may recognise Seth’s photographic visuals. He also had two national bestsellers of other animal photobooks – Underwater Dogs and Underwater Puppies.

As I was saying before, you may often see photographs of kittens playing with balls of yarn all over the internet. But you don’t often see kittens on a mission. That’s why Seth wanted to create his ‘Pounce’ photobook.

We’ve selected ten images we absolutely love from Seth Casteel’s book for your viewing pleasure.

Let us know which one is your absolute favourite in the comments section below. And if your phone photos of your feline friends pouncing, we’d love to see them so please share them with us! We hope you enjoy the photos below.

But are these tiny kittens ferocious killers? We don’t think so. In fact, we think that they are utterly adorable!











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