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Service Dog Included In School Yearbook After Perfect Attendance

By - 17th April 2019
service dog appears in school yearbook

A couple of yearbook pictures invariably go viral every year, usually due to a funny quote or it is a picture of a then-young and now-famous person. However, this picture is different. It’s not Will Ferrell achieving “class clown” or a Game of Thrones quote with a fierce picture. This time, a service dog called Alpha has been included in the yearbook.

Andrew “AJ” Schalk is a senior at Stafford high School in Falmouth, Virginia. AJ has Type 1 Diabetes, and requires Alpha to go everywhere with him. The amazing thing is, Alpha can tell when AJ’s blood sugar levels are too low or too high! The good dog alerts his friend, and AJ can do something about it. Andrew reckons Alpha has saved his life many times.

service dog appears in school yearbook

Alpha is, of course, loved by students and staff alike. He has his own ID card and has matched Andrew’s 100% attendance record. But AJ had a better idea to commemorate the work that his service dog does for him every day.

He asked staff members if Alpha could have a place in the yearbook, and they loved the idea. Alpha is obviously a very good boy, and deserves his place in the book.

However, fellow student Diana Bloom noticed the picture and shared it on Twitter, and it has since gone viral.

service dog appears in school yearbook

While this is probably the cutest picture we’ve ever seen, there is a more important message at its heart. Service dogs like Alpha are insanely talented, and do an important duty every day.

This one dog has saved Andrew’s life on countless occasions, and allows him to live as normal a life as possible. His inclusion in the yearook is too cute, ut also an important reminder of the work he does.

service dog appears in school yearbook

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