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Service Dog Collapses In Airport, When Travelers Realise The Problem They Race To Her Side

By - 31st May 2018

Service dogs help create miracles every day by saving people’s lives and helping them cope with every-day life. But this particular service dog provided an even greater miracle whilst waiting for a flight at Tampa International Airport. 

When 2-year-old service dog Eleanor “Elle” Rigby lay down in the middle of the airport, onlookers were concerned. She seemed exhausted and something just didn’t feel right. Her owners quickly rushed to her aid.

As it turned out, the golden labrador wasn’t ill, she was actually pregnant. And a lot further along than they thought…

The service dog went into labor in the middle of the airport

service dog

Elle laid down on the floor and immediately began going into labor. Tampa Fire Rescue and airport personnel rushed to the scene and there was a flurry of excitement in the air.

Elle had plenty of people supporting her as she gave birth, but there was one onlooker, in particular, that was just as excited as Elle. The father, a yellow Labrador named Nugget, was right there watching as his puppies were brought into the world. How sweet is that?!

Travelers ignored their tight schedules as they stuck around to witness the miraculous birth and gush over the beautiful moment. As each puppy was born, there was a round of applause to welcome them into the world.

As Nugget and hundreds of passengers looked on, Elle gave birth to a healthy litter of eight tiny puppies (seven male and one female).

service dog

While they were all ecstatic that the puppies had made it into the world healthy and without complications, there was one problem… Elle’s owner and her daughter missed their flight. Now they’ll have to drive 1,000 miles from Tampa to Philadelphia. At least they’ve got eight new family members to keep them company on the journey!

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