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14-Year-Old Dog Doesn’t Understand Why She’s Been Left At Shelter, Then She Receives A Christmas Miracle

By - 27th December 2018

Christmas day is an exciting time. There are presents, good food and plenty of time spent playing games with family.

Also, some people are lucky enough to have new additions come into their families in the form of adorable furry creatures. But as some animals are welcomed into families, some are cast aside at the same time. I guess some people forget the saying, ‘a dog isn’t just for Christmas’.

14-year-old black lab-mix Peanut didn’t understand what was happening to her when she was left at a shelter just after Thanksgiving. The confused senior dog looked around her new surroundings and immediately gave up hope.

Poor Peanut had been left at Dallas Animal Services, and her previous owner had requested that she be put down. She was very thin and had difficulty walking. The senior dog only had two teeth and she was heartworm positive. Things didn’t look good for Peanut.

Senior dogs struggle to be adopted when they are in good health, so with all of Peanut’s afflictions, things didn’t look too promising. Nevertheless, rescuers and animal lovers began sharing her story on social media and it wasn’t long before a Christmas miracle happened.

Tommy Bull from Crowley, Texas, saw Peanut’s story and it melted his heart. Looking into her sad eyes, he knew that he had to save her.

I looked at her eyes and she looked like she had given up. She was a black dog, a senior, and heartworm positive; she had little chance of getting saved. The holidays are one of the worst times of the year for dogs, a lot of people turn them into shelters.

Bull immediately got in touch with CAMO Rescue and arranged to pick her up from the shelter. The rescuers had to carry her out to him because she was a little wobbly on her legs. As soon as Bull had Peanut in his arms, he hugged her close. He wanted to let her know that she was safe.

He took her home and both he and his wife fell in love with Peanut instantly. They changed her name to Ettie (short for Henrietta) and introduced her to their other rescue dogs. Bull and his wife had rescued several shelter dogs over the years. And the newly-named Ettie had no problem with the other dogs and began getting to know them straight away.

Ettie blossomed in her new home. She was fed nutritious food and she gained weight in no time. She was also given medication to help her arthritis and heartworms. Now, with all the love and care she has been receiving she looks like a totally different dog.

Ettie loves to wander around the backyard and she loves going on walks with her other rescue dog friends.

When I hold the leash in front of her, she knows it means she’s going out. She will come up and let me put the leash on her. She will sometimes take off down to the corner, she can walk pretty fast.

A few months ago, it was looking like Ettie would be on her own for the Christmas holidays. But thanks to Tommy Bull, she has a home for the holidays and for the rest of her life.

When word got out that Ettie had received a Christmas miracle, the people who had posted about her on social media couldn’t help but celebrate. Everybody is overjoyed that sad abandoned Peanut now has a happy home in time for the holidays.

Senior dogs need just as much love as puppies. The love they give you in return in so rewarding. Bull has a message for anyone who has considered adopting a senior dog.

What they give back to you is so incredible. We can tell how grateful she is for every meal, every pet. Her life matters to us. If you can open up your heart and try, they’re so thankful. I can feel it, you can feel it, it’s very rewarding.

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