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Mascot Taunts Security Guard, But Wasn’t Prepared For Hilarious Dance Off That Was To Follow

By - 19th April 2018

In general, I would say it’s always best to leave a security guard alone to let them get on with their job. Especially when they’re busy keeping a watchful eye over thousands of fans at a baseball game.

However, sometimes you find the odd person who likes to poke the bear and see what happens. Orbit, the lime-green space alien who serves as the mascot for the Houston Astros baseball team wanted to get some laughs by hounding the security guard.

During a break between innings, Orbit took the opportunity to bust a move before taunting a nearby security guard. The stadium was filled with the sound of “Slave To The Rhythm” by Michael Jackson, so as you can imagine, there were some serious hip thrusts and struts around the field.

Naturally, the security guard looked pretty annoyed, he’s busy monitoring the safety of thousands. He doesn’t have time to do a security guard dance for him… Or does he?

The security guard dance battle is a go!

After enough goading, the security guard decides to push Orbit away, out of nowhere, the security guard dances like we could never have expected. Shimmying and shaking, busting iconic MJ dance moves and even a few splits and cartwheels for good measure.

security guard dance

We don’t know what the guy inside the mascot outfit looks like, but we’re pretty sure he’s red with embarrassment after being shown up by some serious dance moves.

I bet nobody in the baseball stadium thought they’d see a security guard dance during a game? I know I wouldn’t have expected it.

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