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Classmates Spend 1,500 Hours On A Secret Project For Their Blind Friend

By - 8th May 2019

The end of the school year is a big moment for all students, and it’s hitting that time again now. Classes are graduating, friends are moving away, it’s an emotional time. However, students take pride in their yearbook. It holds their precious school memories forever. It’s really something to cherish. But this year, a group of classmates have gone the extra mile for their blind friend.

RJ Sampson attends Conifer High School in Colorado. However, he has a visual impairment and therefore can’t read. His classmates and teachers are very accepting and accommodating, but sometimes that’s not enough. At the end of his freshman year, he joked to a teacher, asking her “When are you going to make me a braille yearbook?”

blind friend

And that’s exactly what they did. RJ’s joke planted a seed in their mind, and they knew it would be the ultimate gift for their classmate and friend. They set about creating the unique book to make sure their blind friend was included.

Leslie Thompson, his teacher, thought it was an amazing idea, but wasn’t sure if it was possible. Making a whole bunch of yearbooks was a big enough job. That’s before transcribing into braille and creating the one-of-a-kind book!

blind friend

However, RJ’s classmates put their heads down and got to work. They spent 1,500 secretive hours working on the book, and their hard work paid off.

They created a beautiful book that RJ could actually read. He was so grateful for the effort everyone put in.

“I really appreciate it, there’s no words that I can really use to describe how thankful I am. It’s just absolutely amazing,” he said.

blind friend

RJ will go on to study engineering at college, but he will remember this moment for the rest of his life.

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