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Scruffy Mutt Rescued From Kill Shelter Lands Lead Role In Disney Movie

By - 2nd September 2019
mutt rescued for disney movie

Everyone loves a rags to riches story, and this dog has gone from zero to hero. Monte is a mutt rescued from a kill shelter in Arizona but has undergone his own Cinderella transformation. He’s now the star of the silver screen!

The 2-year-old rescue dog will star in Disney’s live-action remake of 1955 classic Lady and the Tramp. Monte will star as the eponymous Tramp, voiced by Justin Theroux. Alongside him, Lady will be played by Rose, a cocker spaniel. She will be voiced by Tessa Thompson.

mutt rescued for disney movie

There’s a while to wait if you want to see him on screen, however. The film is due out on November 12 on Disney’s streaming service Disney+. But in the meantime, the mutt’s story is one that you’ll love to read.

Monte was abandoned at a kill shelter in New Mexico by a family who realised they couldn’t take care of their six dogs. All six were dumped, but luckily the New Mexico shelter sent some to Phoenix. That’s where Monte the mutt found Halo animal rescue, and where Disney scouts found him.

mutt rescued for disney movie

Mutt To Movie Star

However, after only a week of being at Halo, he was picked up and sent to Hollywood! It must be every dog’s dream to star in the cinema, and he’s one lucky pup! One of the film’s animal trainers since adopted him, so he’s living a happy life.

“In 25 years of Halo helping animals live on, we haven’t had a movie star,” explained volunteer Erin Denmark. “So, we’re getting goosebumps constantly when we hear the phone ring, and wanting to know more about Monte and his life in Hollywood.”

What would you do if your dog was picked to star in a Disney movie? Hope he wouldn’t get any ideas above his station at least! Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends!