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School Principal Hits There Nail On The Head With Letter To Parents About Students Grades

By - 30th January 2018

When you’re a school child, the main thing that you have to worry about is doing well in your exams. The only problem is that while some children excel in exams, not every child does.

Some children excel in other ways, such as in sports or in the arts; not everybody is a ‘brain box’ in maths and science. So when the results come in from standardised tests, it can leave some children feeling rather inferior in comparison to their peers and leave them thinking that they are ‘stupid’.

But a school principal in Singapore wanted to eliminate the stress and the importance placed on these exams. Writing to the student’s parents, he wrote a poignant letter that reminded them to not be so hard on their children, should their results come in and not be to the high standard they hoped. It is an important read for all parents!

“Dear Parents,

The exams of your children are to start soon. I know you are all really anxious for your child to do well.

But, please do remember, amongst the students who will be sitting for the exams there is an artist, who doesn’t need to understand Math…

There is an entrepreneur, who doesn’t care about History or English literature…

There is a musician, whose Chemistry marks won’t matter…

There’s an athlete… whose physical fitness is more important than Physics…

If your child does get top marks, that’s great! But if he or she doesn’t… please don’t take away their self-confidence and dignity from them.

Tell them it’s OK, it’s just an exam! They are cut out for much bigger things in life. Tell them, no matter what they score… you love them and will not judge them.

Please do this, and when you do… watch your children conquer the world. One exam or a low mark won’t take away their dreams and talent.

And please do not think that doctors and engineers are the only happy people in the world.”

What a beautiful message to send to his students and their parents alike. It’s safe to say that these children are in the hands of a compassionate and supportive school principal.

Do you agree with the message this principal was trying to get across? Leave your comments in the section below and share the message with your friends. We could all do well to not put too much emphasis on academic achievements compared to individual victories. ?